Kym Whitehead is a native New Yorker whose recent credits include a series regular on "The Land: FAU," a Cleveland-based crime drama premiering on Bounce Network.


She began training with the African Theatre Arts Workshop in Ohio, soon becoming an experienced Mbárí Mbáyò Player for the African Community Theatre (A.C.T.) at Kent State University. Her focus has always been on character development & script analysis. 


In appreciation for her exceptional creativity as a long-standing performer for theater, she was honored by A.C.T to receive the "Oustanding Performance Award" under the tutelage of Director Francis E. Dorsey.


Her passion for performing led her to pursue film and television where later during the Indie Film Gathering Festival, she placed 1st in the Divisional Acting Competition. 


When not performing, Kym enjoys boxing at her local gym along with winter sports such as downhill skiing and snowtubing.